About HuatuoGPT

Welcome to the repository of HuatuoGPT, a large language model (LLM) trained on a vast Chinese medical corpus. Our objective with HuatuoGPT is to construct a more professional ‘ChatGPT’ for medical consultation scenarios.

Here is a list of what has been released:

  1. HuatuoGPT-SFT-data: A hybrid SFT data capitalizing on both strengths to endow the model with Doctor-like and Patient-friendly characteristics.
  2. HuatuoGPT model: HuatuoGPT model weights(HuatuoGPT-7B and HuatuoGPT-13B) and the online demo. HuatuoGPT-7B is trained on Baichuan-7B and HuatuoGPT-13B is trained on Ziya-LLaMA-13B-Pretrain-v1. 3. Medical evaluation benchmark: an evaluation method used to evaluate LLMs in medical scenarios.


💭 Motivation

  • To address the growing demand for quick medical consultations both online and in hospitals that do not necessarily require deep medical knowledge. We believe that LLMs like HuatuoGPT can be effectively utilized to meet these demands, freeing up physicians’ time and energy for more complex cases.
  • To provide open data for training medical LLMs. Building high-quality instruction training data for LLMs is essential, but it can be also challenging. We have constructed medical instruction data using various methods and made it publicly available. This dataset can be combined with other datasets to train one’s own medical ‘ChatGPT’.
  • To emphasize the importance of carefully evaluating the ability of medical LLMs before using them to offer medical assistance to patients. We recognize the potential benefits of LLMs in the medical field, but also acknowledge the need for thorough evaluation and testing to ensure patient safety and accurate diagnoses.

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