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獬豸(LawGPT_zh): 中文法律对话语言模型

獬豸(LawGPT_zh): 中文法律对话语言模型

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About 獬豸(LawGPT_zh): 中文法律对话语言模型

Our vision is to enable everyone to get professional and reliable answers to legal issues in the first place. Because professional lawyer services will only make people accustomed to using them if they are truly within reach, just like the search engine 20 years ago and the express delivery business 10 years ago. We hope to bring the law into daily life and contribute our strength to building a society ruled by law. Project posters are generated by Midjourney.

The open source Chinese legal general model of this project is fine-tuned by ChatGLM-6B LoRA 16-bit instructions. The data set includes the existing legal question answering data set and high-quality legal text question answering based on self-Instruct guided by laws and real cases, which improves the performance of the general language large model in the legal field, and improves the reliability and reliability of the model's answers. Professionalism.

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