About Sunsimiao

Sun Simiao, a medical scientist and Taoist priest in the Tang Dynasty, was honored as the "King of Medicine" by later generations. He attached great importance to folk medical experience, accumulated visits, recorded them in time, and wrote the book "Thousand Gold Prescriptions". After the establishment of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao accepted the invitation of the imperial court, cooperated with the government to carry out medical activities, and completed the world's first national pharmacopoeia "Tang Xin Materia Medica". Sunsimiao is committed to providing a safe, reliable and inclusive Chinese medical model.

Currently, Sunsimiao is managed by The baichuan-7B and ChatGLM-6B series are fine-tuned on 100,000-level high-quality Chinese medical data. More data will be collected in the future, model capabilities will be expanded, and iterative updates will continue. Relevant details are being sorted out, so stay tuned.

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