About BiLLa

BiLLa is an open-source reasoning-enhanced bilingual LLaMA model in Chinese and English. The main features of the model are:

  • Greatly improve the Chinese comprehension ability of LLaMA, and minimize the damage to the original LLaMA English ability;
  • Increase more task-type data during training , use ChatGPT to generate analysis, strengthen the model understanding task solving logic;
  • Full parameter update, pursue better generation effect.

Due to limited personal energy, I was unable to fully compare and evaluate BiLLa with the current mainstream open source models. The following are the conclusions drawn after limited evaluation and analysis:

  • BiLLa-7B-LLM is significantly better than Chinese-LLaMA-7B in Chinese-English language modeling ability;
  • BiLLa-7B - SFT Chinese reasoning ability is significantly better than BELLE-LLaMA-Ext-7B and other models;
  • Scored by GPT4, BiLLa-7B-SFT scores significantly higher than ChatGLM-6B in English instructions, and the Chinese score is the same, But problem solving and code score higher.

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