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About LexiLaw:中文法律大模型

LexiLaw is a fine-tuned Chinese legal model based on the ChatGLM-6B architecture. It is fine-tuned on the dataset in the legal field to make it more performant and professional in providing legal advice and support.

This model aims to provide accurate and reliable legal consulting services for legal practitioners, students and ordinary users. Whether you need consultation on specific legal issues, or inquiries on legal terms, case analysis, interpretation of regulations, etc., LexiLaw can provide you with useful suggestions and guidance.

At the same time, we will share the experience and best practices of fine-tuning on the basis of large models to help the community develop more excellent Chinese legal large models and promote the development of Chinese legal intelligence.

Functions and Features

Professional legal knowledge: After fine-tuning on large-scale legal data sets, LexiLaw has rich Chinese legal knowledge and understanding ability, able to Answer various legal questions.

Legal consulting service: By interacting with LexiLaw, you can ask specific legal questions, and the model will provide detailed and accurate answers based on your input, providing you with legal advice and support.

Wide application scenarios: LexiLaw is applicable to various legal fields, including but not limited to contract law, labor law, intellectual property, civil procedure, criminal law, etc. Whether you are a legal practitioner, student or individual in need of legal help, we hope to provide you with valuable support through this model.

Experience Sharing: We will share our experience and best practices in large model fine-tuning to help developers in the community better build and fine-tune Chinese legal large models, and promote the progress of legal intelligence .

Continuous Updates: We are constantly updating and improving the model to ensure it stays up to date with the latest legal developments and changes. You can get the latest model versions and updates on a regular basis.

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