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ChatYuan-large-v2 is a large functional dialogue language model that supports Chinese and English bilinguals. ChatYuan-large-v2 uses the same technical solution as the v1 version, and has been optimized in terms of fine-tuning data, human feedback reinforcement learning, and chain of thought.

ChatYuan-large-v2 is one of the models in the ChatYuan series that achieve high-quality results with light weight. Users can perform inference on consumer-grade graphics cards, PCs and even mobile phones (INT4 only needs 400M minimum).

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On the basis of functions, we have optimized the model as follows:

  • Enhanced basic capabilities. The original contextual question and answer and creative writing ability have been significantly improved.
    • Added reject ability. For some dangerous and harmful questions, I learned to refuse to answer them.
  • Added Chinese-English bilingual dialogue ability.
    • Added code generation. Some optimizations have been made to the underlying code generation.
    • Added table generation. Make the generated table content and format more adaptable.
  • Enhanced basic math skills.
  • The maximum length has been extended from 1024 tokens to 4096.
  • Improved ability to simulate scenarios.

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