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Fengshenbang Scientific and Technological Achievements

Fengshenbang 1.0 : Fengshenbang Open Source Project 1.0 Chinese-English bilingual general paper, aims to become the infrastructure of Chinese cognitive intelligence.

BioBART : A generative language model in the biomedical field provided by Tsinghua University and IDEA Research Institute. ( BioNLP 2022 )

> UniMC : A unified model for label-based datasets in zero-shot scenarios. ( EMNLP 2022 )

> FMIT : A single-tower multimodal named entity recognition model based on relative position encoding. ( COLING 2022 )

> UniEX : A Natural Language Understanding Model for Unified Extraction Tasks. ( ACL 2023 )

> Solving Math Word Problems via Cooperative Reasoning induced Language Models : Solving mathematical problems using a collaborative reasoning framework of language models. ( ACL 2023 )

> MVP-Tuning : A Parameter-Efficient Commonsense Question Answering System Based on Multi-View Knowledge Retrieval. ( ACL 2023 )

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