About BayLing

BayLing (百聆, bǎi líng) is an instruction-following large language model equipped with advanced language alignment, showing superior capability in English/Chinese generation, instruction following and multi-turn interaction. BayLing can be effortlessly deployed on a consumer-grade GPU with 16GB of memory, and assists users with tasks such as translation, writing, creation, suggestion…

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👇 Learn more about BayLing:

💬 Demo: Welcome to apply for a trial of BayLing’s online demo (beta version).

📄 Paper: A comprehensive research paper of BayLing.

🏠 Homepage: BayLing’s homepage. You can discover more information and cases of BayLing here.

✍️ BayLing-80 Test Set: A human-annotated evaluation set comprising multi-turn instructions in both English and Chinese, can be used to evaluate the multilingual and multi-turn interaction capabilities of LLMs.

🤗 Model: BayLing-7B-v1.0, BayLing-13B-v1.0, BayLing-13B-v1.1(best version)

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