About PolyLM

PolyLM is a polyglot large language model, which is aimed to address the following blanks and limitations in current LLM research, offering a comprehensive and innovative solution to advance this field.

Covering 18 of the most commonly spoken languages. PolyLM is proficient in the major non-English languages spoken worldwide, such as Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Chinese etc. It is a perfect complement to the existing open-source models, including: (1) LLaMA, in which English is predominant among the whole dataset. (2) BLOOM, fails to address languages spoken by significant populations, such as Japanese, Korean and Thai. Better multingual instruction-following capability. We propose MULTIALPACA to complement ALPACA and CHINESEALPACA, making LLMs better follow multilingual instructions, particularly those coming from non-native English speakers. Strong performance. In comparison with popular multilingual LLMs of the similar model size, PolyLM demonstrates remarkable performance on various tasks, including QA, understanding, and generation.

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