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Intel Habana Gaudi

About Intel Habana Gaudi

ith Habana’s first-generation Gaudi deep learning processor, customers benefit from the most cost-effective, high-performance training and inference alternative to comparable GPUs. This is the deep learning architecture that enables AWS to deliver up to 40% better price/performance training with its Gaudi-based DL1 instances—as compared to comparable Nvidia GPU-based instances. Gaudi’s efficient architecture also enables Supermicro to provide customers with equally significant price performance advantage over GPU-based servers with the Supermicro X12 Gaudi Training Server.

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If Intel has its way, Nvidia won't be king-of-the-AI-hill for long.
A new fine-tuning performance benchmark for BridgeTower, a Vision-Language (VL) AI model, has shown that there's life to the AI acceleration camp other than Nvidia's green. While Nvidia does dominate the AI acceleration market (through exceptional foresight, a well-thought-out and documented software stack, and pure processing performance), other players are keen to take a piece of the AI market for themselves. And at least for BridgeTower, Intel's own Gaudi 2 silicon (designed and fabricated through Intel's $2 billion, 2019 acquisition of Habana) has been shown by Hugging Face to outperform Nvidia's A100 80 GB by a staggering 2.5x - and it even beats Nvidia's prodigy-child H100 by 1.4x. (edited)