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[SDXL] RongHua | 容华

[SDXL] RongHua | 容华

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About [SDXL] RongHua | 容华

[Rong Hua] is a Chinese-style model with specialized clothing, props, and makeup. Thanks to SDXL's huge number of parameters, it is compatible with a variety of painting styles. You can draw various styles through different combinations of prompt words. optimized image.

I recommend the following settings for generat images:

After a few days of self-exploration, the recommended settings for generating images are:

Sampler: DPM ++2S a

cfg: 4.5 ~ 5

for the Other Parts, I hope to see you Continue to tryly and Show Different Creation. the same as you. We all need time to understand Ronghua.

Other parts, I hope to see you continue to bravely try and use different creativity. Although I am a model trainer, I and you It's the same, we all need time to understand Rong Hua.

Currently, [Ronghua] has not merged any other models, and the model is based on SDXL Base 1.0, which has been trained for more than 150+ hours. All materials are from the Internet.

Ronghua still has many problems, welcome to use it and give me suggestions.

This is the first time everyone I have done ft for a large model.Ronghua's birth w as thanks to the opinions and support of the group friends, especially Neo_cute, who gave me direction and confidence, as well as Redpriest9527, aistha, tonyhs, MengX, Faispirit, LYuyang, Maper_leaf, Kelly_V, kwResearch and many other great works that have improved Ronghua's artistic level.

There is also the creator of the paradise, Merjic, and all the brothers and sisters, who make me happy and fulfilled every day.

======= ============================

Currently [Rong Hua] has not integrated any other models, and the model is based on SDXL Base 1.0, has been trained for more than 150+ hours, and all materials come from the Internet.

Rong Hua still has many questions, everyone is welcome to use and provide valuable opinions.

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