About Montaigne

Make a website, blog, or portfolio using nothing but Apple Notes. No more excuses to not have a blog or a website.

Montaigne turns your Apple Notes into a website. Or just share few notes with your friends or colleagues if that is what you need.

The steps are simple:

1、Create dedicated folder in the Apple Notes.

2、Connect it to Montaigne.

3、Add notes with your content.

4、Everything will be published to the web automatically.

Once everything is done you will have site like this one. You can also have sites with images, videos, audio like this.


Here are some resources for you:

  • Examples of sites created using Apples Notes and Montaigne are here.

  • Documentation on how to create a new site is available here.

  • You can check templates for Apple Notes here.

  • If you want to get some idea why the product was created and why does it exists, check this page.

  • If you are wondering if Montaigne and Apple Notes are a good fit for you please check this page.

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