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SenseTime ranks first in the comprehensive ability of large models 🧥SenseTime's"SenseChat2.0"comprehensiveperformancesurpassedChatGPTinmultipleevaluations,andtheworld-recognizedquizcompetitionlistOpenBookQArankedfirstExcellent

High quality: Based on massive data training, the readability and accuracy of the generated text are high Vertical application scenarios

Super real-time: powerful algorithm and system architecture, real-time response, ultra-low latency

High Security: Follow strict security and privacy standards to avoid sensitive and harmful content直 ### Vertical field scene is rich in application

office: internal knowledge base question and answer, office document generation, dialogue office assistant and other

education: Teaching brain, can be applied to schools, training institutions, family education, etc.

Entertainment: Automatically generate high-quality short videos or live copywriting, digital people, etc.

Car: Automobile intelligence Housekeeper, car voice assistant, car owner scene brain, etc.

Finance: financial knowledge quiz, intelligent creation, investment consultant, asset inventory, etc. , smart consultation, etc. 🧥

### Daily new model system empowers industrial upgrading

code, vision, voice, multi-modal and other rich models Capabilities will be opened up one after another

Multi-modal capability combination empowers industrial upgrading, leading many industry scenarios such as finance, medical care, e-commerce, and entertainment to achieve new breakthroughs

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