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About GhostCut

GhostCut is an automatic localization tool allowing you to translate videos into 40+ languages efficiently. With “Smart-Text/Watermark-Removal” and “Hard-Sub-Translation” functions, you can easily handle hard subtitles and improve efficiency by 100 times.

GhostCut has the following featured functions:

✅ Smart Text Removal - Automatically erase the text and subtitles through Inpainting;

✅ Auto Hard Sub Translation - Automatically recognize the “text” in the original video through OCR then inpainting and generating translated text while retaining the original style;

✅ Auto Translation and dubbing - Automatically recognize the “speech” in the video through ASR and generate translated subtitles, and auto AI dubbing, with synchronized audio and video.

Using these features, all you need to do is: 1. upload the video 2. confirm the options 3. leave the rest to GhostCut, Just wait and check the final work.

Removing hard subtitles is difficult, we did it.

Translating hard subtitles is difficult, and we did it;

Automatically translating videos while aligning sound and images is difficult, and we still did it.

Fully automated design, lots of AI tech, very low pricing, and some functions that are pioneering globally. These are GhostCut offers.

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