About uBrand

uBrand uses AI and big data technology to help companies and entrepreneurs quickly create an online platform for personalized brands. Starting from the logo, it only takes 4 steps to establish a professional brand image and give your brand a unique visual image immediately.

01. Establish a professional brand image

Your brand starts with your logo. Upload your logo design or use our logo generator to create it online. uBrand will guide you through the construction of your logo visual, allowing your brand to have a unique visual image immediately.

02. AI empowers your brand story

Every brand needs a compelling story. uBrand intelligent AI will help you integrate your brand mission and vision into your story to impress every customer.

03. Brand design; intelligent generation

uBrand's intelligent engine will automatically generate a comprehensive brand marketing plan and content based on your brand information. From promotional posters to social media, you can even generate your brand promotion short video with one click.

04. Brand resources; online management

As your brand continues to upgrade and grow, all your brand resources including logo files, design templates, and material libraries will be automatically synchronized and saved in your brand resource library (BAM) for easy management and sharing at any time.

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