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About Arc

Arc is a freeware web browser developed by The Browser Company, a startup company founded by Josh Miller and Hursh Agrawal.

Arc aims to act as an operating system for the web and tries to integrate web browsing with built-in applications and features. These include a virtual notepad, a scrapbook-style “easel”, and “boosts”, a feature that lets users cosmetically redesign a website in a similar way to browser extensions. As opposed to almost all other browsers, Arc uses vertical tabs (which can be found in a sidebar). The sidebar contains all of the browser’s functionality besides the browsing window. Arc is based on Chromium and is written in Swift. It supports Chrome browser extensions, as well as uses Google Search by default.

Arc Max

Arc Max is a bundle of AI-powered features that enhance Arc. You can activate the entire bundle, or choose the Max features that suit you best.

Use Command + T and type “Open Max Preferences” to take a look and turn them on!


Ask on Page

  • Hold down Command + F on any page to ask a question and let Max answer it for you in seconds.
  • Command + F will still support finding a word or phrase on the page too.

5-second Previews

  • Press Shift and hover over any link to generate a summary of the webpage, without a single click.
  • On certain sites, this feature runs automatically and only hover is required. This includes Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing Search results, X (Twitter) links, Threads, and HackerNews.

Tidy Tab Titles

  • Have your tabs automatically renamed with tidier, shorter titles when you Pin them. Turndown service for your sidebar.
  • You can double-click to rename manually if you ever need to 😉

Tidy Downloads

  • Keep your many files more organized with smartly renamed downloads — and make them a little easier to find later.
  • Runs automatically on all downloads once active; no action required!
  • Simply click the download name to undo if you ever need to 😉

ChatGPT in the Command Bar

  • Start typing “ChatGPT” in the Command Bar, hit Tab, and get answers to your burning questions in fewer clicks.
  • This requires a ChatGPT account. The account must be logged in to the Profile you are using in any given Space.

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The team at ARC never ceases to amaze me with their forward thinking design and integration.
Adding Tidy Tabs & Downloads ia a great move.New launch has brought some of the great features & those can place Arc to next level in the game.
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enterprise on the way
I've been using Arc for at least 3 months and I'm loving it.
doom guyplan-icon
Loving this! And with the new Max features, it's more conveniente by the day!