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About Hi Echo

Hi Echo is a virtual oral private tutor produced by NetEase Youdao, developed based on the Ziyue large model.

Hi Echo, virtual oral personal trainer. It provides you with one-on-one speaking practice anytime and anywhere, covering multiple conversation scenes and topics, which is more professional and authentic than real speaking coaches. It also provides conversation scores and complete conversation evaluation reports to help you quickly improve your speaking skills.

[Practice your spoken English one-on-one anytime, anywhere, without the pressure of social anxiety]

· It can be used anytime and anywhere 24 hours a day to practice speaking in a conversational manner, providing conditions and environment for spoken conversation.

· Live-like, follow-up guidance, constantly asking questions to guide users through multiple rounds of dialogue, a savior for social practice in speaking skills

· Strong understanding ability, able to fully understand the language content and logic of the expresser

· Strong language expression ability, clear language logic, authentic expressions, real-time generation of corresponding dialogue content, and support for personalized oral practice

· Standard and pure pronunciation, authentic American accent

[Good at topics in many fields, practice speaking in real conversational contexts]

· Covers 8 conversation scenes and 68 topics, including examination topics, life experiences, social topics, workplace-related, personal-related, food, interests, and travel; also supports free dialogue

· Topics are classified in detail, providing professional and authentic vocabulary and expressions with strong practicality

· Compared with real-life spoken language coaches, they have broader knowledge and more professional speaking expressions

[Provides dialogue scores and complete dialogue reports to help quickly improve speaking scores]

· Each round of dialogue is completely retained, and scores are given from the three dimensions of words, pronunciation, and grammar.

· Provide optimization suggestions for each round of dialogue from three dimensions: grammar, wording, and style.

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