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Keqing | Genshin Impact | 3in1 LoRA

Keqing | Genshin Impact | 3in1 LoRA

About Keqing | Genshin Impact | 3in1 LoRA

A LoRA Model of Keqing from Genshin Impact. This LoRA includes three official costumes.

There are three sets of trigger words:

For triggering Piercing Thunderbolt(Default Costumes):

keqing (piercing thunderbolt) (genshin impact), keqing (genshin impact), pantyhose, hair bun, purple hair, gloves, twintails, long hair, purple eyes, diamond-shaped pupils, bare shoulders, hair ornament, black pantyhose, cone hair bun, detached sleeves,dress, jewelry, medium breasts, earrings, bangs, frills, purple dress, black gloves, braid, skirt,

For triggering Opulent Splendor:

keqing (opulent splendor) (genshin impact), keqing (genshin impact), official alternate costume, dress, cone hair bun, night, strapless dress, looking at viewer, long hair, cleavage, black dress, hair bun, strapless, bare shoulders, purple hair, bangs, bow, detached collar, purple eyes, diamond-shaped pupils, ribbon, double bun, twintails, two-tone dress, medium breasts, hair ornament, black bow, hair ribbon, blue dress, bowtie, hair between eyes,

For triggering Lantern Rite:

keqing (lantern rite) (genshin impact), keqing (genshin impact), hair bun, skirt, scarf, purple sweater, white skirt, purple hair, sweater, twintails, purple eyes, diamond-shaped pupils, hair ornament, bare shoulders, smile, breasts, cone hair bun, long hair, belt, double bun, long sleeves, bangs, bow, hair flower, hair bow,ribbon, hair ribbon, braid, plaid scarf, plaid, off shoulder

bonus: For trigger Any Custom Outfit:

keqing (genshin impact), hair bun, purple hair, twintails, purple eyes, diamond-shaped pupils, hair ornament, cone hair bun, long hair, double bun, bangs, bow, hair flower, hair bow, hair ribbon, [Explain in detail what clouthes you would like to trigger……]

Recommend 0.85-1 Strength for triggering any official costume.

For changing custom clothes, I suggest 0.7-0.85 Weight

The preview images were generated by the AbyssOrangeMix series Model.

In some instances applied ControlNet.

I am using the NAI model [e6e8e1fc] to train.

Able to work with all mixed models based on NAI(i.e. AbyssOrangeMix, Anything v3)

Any suggestions are welcome to comment here.

And also welcome to share your creations.

Enjoy it!

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