About Audio Writer


We often deal with free flow of unstructured thoughts & ideas, only to later struggle to capturing them effectively.


Just record your spontaneous thoughts, we’ll turn them into clear & coherent in writing. We just don’t stop there, we’ll also help you in shaping your thoughts into content across various formats.


  • Brainstorming thoughts & ideas

Got some unstructured creative thoughts & ideas on the go? Don’t worry Audio writer takes care of making it more coherent.

  • Journaling

Record & keep track of your life’s journey, be it personal or professional, Audio Writer can save you tons of hours by transcribing your voice to text.

  • Content creation

With Audio writer, you can speed up your content creation process from a tweet to mini essay to a blog article.

What it can do?

  • Refine transcript

No more “ums” or “ahs” in your transcripts. Get a clean, error-free transcript with improved grammar & punctuation.

  • Rewrite in different styles

Rephrase your text in a variety of preferred styles, tones or even mimic the style of various authors (or) Use your own custom prompts to create high-quality content from your transcripts with a single tap.

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