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SDXL Yamer's Anime

SDXL Yamer's Anime

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About SDXL Yamer's Anime

Yamer’s Anime is my first SDXL model that specialized in anime like images, this model is being added in the “Ultra Infinity” family because it follows the same theme (anime), this checkpoint is not specialized in nsfw content at the moment and will receive future updates when I have time to play with more naughty stuff. Have fun and explore anime style images with this model! ^-^

(OLD, SD 1.5!) Ultra Infinity V2 - Yamime is a model that specializes in anime-like images and sharp results, there is no need for trigger words because the model will already give you anime style results, I advice users to not go beyond a CGF scale of 25 because they colors may break and corrupt, please use the model between 7-25 for sharp colorful results that will satisfy your need without destroying the image. This model is a big improvement from the previous version with the new sharp style and a better recognition of anime stylized compositions like bodies, background and objects.

Quality: 8⁄10

Stability: 7.5⁄10

Flexibility: 7⁄10

CFG resistance: 7.5⁄10

Style: 8.5⁄10

Creator Note: “If you found the results achieved by this model to be satisfying, I would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly consider leaving a positive review. Your feedback and support are invaluable to me.” :3

  1. Show em big mommy milkies in my dm.

  2. A massive tiddie generates a gravitational field by warping the geometry of the surrounding spacetime.

  3. Anime hentai is the highest form of research.

    -Yamer Recommended settings: Resolution and steps: 1024x1024

Steps: 30 to 150

CFG: 7 to 25

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